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How to prepare for your trial...

I often get asked about what my brides need to do before their trials. So here's some advice that I hope you find helpful.

- Trials should be done 1 - 2 months before the date of your wedding. This means that we have plenty of time to combat any skincare issues that you may have before the big day comes. It is also not too long before the big day meaning that most of your wedding plans will be organised and you will have a good idea on the vision you have for the day.

- Pintrest is your friend. It's really useful to come armed with images for inspiration. Just remember that a lot of images we see online are enhanced or edited. They don't always resemble real life. We will talk though this at your trial and work out a look that is based on these inspiration images but specifically designed to work with and enhance your natural beauty. I will often ask for these to be sent to me a few days before your trial.

- On the day of the trial please come with a makeup free face with skin prepped as you usually would and wash your hair the night before. Bring along those inspiration images and any hair accessories/veil that you will be wearing on your big day. It's also really helpful to wear a colour that is close to the colour of your wedding dress, this helps us to see how the makeup will look against the colour of your dress.

- Makeup trials will last up to 2 hours and hair and makeup trials will be up to 4 hours. I know this seems like a long time but it gives us time to try a few options and have a really good chat about your big day and the ideas that you have. I encourage you to live with the makeup and hair for the rest of the day and really test it out, if you are wanting to keep the look under wraps we can change it up if needed!

- Be completely honest! This is the most important tip of all! The trial is our opportunity to get this look perfect. Make sure that you voice your opinion. If you are not 100% with the look we create then make sure to tell me. I promise i won't be offended! I just want to make sure that you get exactly what you want from your trial.

And that's it, my top tips for preparing for your trial. If there is anything I've missed then please comment and I will be happy to add to the list!

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