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(Please carefully read and understand these ‘terms of service agreement’ before signing)

BOOKINGS: To secure a date, a signed contract is required with a £50 booking fee. The booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, in every circumstance. Please be advised, dates and scheduled makeup times will only be fully reserved when a signed contract and deposit are received. The brides trial is to be paid on or before the trial, payment for any extra trials is due on the day of the trial as a separate payment.

BOOKING TIMES: A start and end time will be agreed by the client and Katie. Each makeup requires a certain length of time to be finished, depending on the look/style requested, the usual time frame is approximately 45 mins - 1 hour per person per service. When reserving your booking, please consider this and book times accordingly. Any additional needs outside of this Service agreement will only be performed at the discretion of the makeup artist. All bookings for more than one person attending the same event, must be at the same location and at consecutive times, with no gaps in between. All persons involved in makeup appointment(s) need to be available at the scheduled location at the time of appointment.  Failure to be on time will result in late fees being applied at a charge of £25 for every ½ hour past the agreed appointment time. The makeup artist will not be held responsible for delays caused by failing to be on time.

SERVICE LOCATION AND REQUIREMENTS: Location of service for the day-of-event will be at the discretion of the client, but there are certain requirements the makeup artist needs to complete the makeup applications. A “set up” table/work area needs to be made available for the makeup artist at said location. Ample lighting, whether by means of natural light or by lamps, is necessary for services to be performed properly. Working electrical outlets must also be made available for use by makeup artist. Ample lighting, is necessary for services to be performed properly a makeup light will also be provided by the artist. A chair, preferably a high chair or bar stool. Please let Katie know if a high chair/bar stool cannot be provided, It is ideal to wear a button-down shirt/top so you don't mess up your hairstyle/makeup while getting dressed.

EARLY STARTS: When service(s) is scheduled to start before 5 am and outside 20 miles of LE67 3TL, to ensure your Hair and/or Makeup Artist is fresh and ready to go for the day ahead, night before accommodation is required for the makeup artist, and if applicable, for any assistant.  All arrangements and cost for this is to be covered by the client. Accommodation requirements are as follows; Minimum 3* Single occupancy en-suite room, Accommodation to be 3-mile radius of the service location, A lockable door, Expenses covered for one meal for each Artist, All mileage costs to and from all locations to be covered by the client.  (Travel fee charges.)

TRIALS: A ‘Preview’ (incl. a trial & consultation) is available at £50 per makeup trial and £100 per hair and makeup trial, and is a service limited to 2/4 hours. This cost is generated within all bridal packages. Please give at least 48 hours’ notice to reschedule a trial should you not be able to attend, or cancellation charges of the total booking fee paid will apply.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Acceptance of completed makeup application by client is acknowledgement by client that the service is done to his/her satisfaction any cancellations after this date the full balance will still be required by the client as per cancellation terms


ASSISTANTS: Should an assistant or assistants be required for larger bookings, this will be charged at an additional fee of £50 per assistant plus their makeup rate. This is to cover the cost of their hire and time.


PARKING FEES: Where parking, valet or toll fees may be incurred, the amount will be included with the final bill and is due for payment on or before the day of the event.


TRAVEL FEE: A mileage fee will be charged on a two way journey for locations outside of a 20 mile radius of LE67 3TL. The amount will be determined at the time of inquiry.


LIABILITY: All brushes and makeup products are kept sanitary and are sanitized between every makeup application. Makeup products used are hypoallergenic. Any medical issues requiring or under treatment, allergies, skin or scalp conditions, must be disclosed and stated in the consultation form and signed by the client prior to service.  This is a precaution to ensure that any necessary advice is given, adjustments made and consent given for services to proceed. Failure to disclose such information may result in the service being compromised or even cancelled. If need be, a sample test of makeup may be performed on the skin to test reaction prior to the day of service. Client(s) agree to release the hair & makeup artist, Katie Pearce (Katie Morley Makeup) from liability for any skin complications due to allergic reactions or medical information not being disclosed. Katie Pearce will not be held liable for any injuries that should arise while on location.


PAYMENT: Booking fee of £50 secures your date in my diary, £50/£100 is due on or before the day of the trial (plus payment for any extra trials) and the final balance is due 14 days before the day of the event as one payment. The person(s) responsible for the entire balance of payment is the person(s) who has signed the booking contract.

All Payments to be made via bank transfer to:
Name: Katie Pearce 
Bank: Lloyds
Account number: 38033668
Sort Code: 77-15-14

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations by the client must be made (60) days prior to your reserved date or you will be responsible for the amount of services agreed upon in this contract, deposits will not be refunded under any circumstance. Katie Morley Makeup reserves the right to terminate this ‘Terms of Service Agreement’ for any non-compliance of terms. The Terms of Service agreement will become void, and all monies given are non-refundable/non-transferable. Appointments cancelled after the trial date will not be eligible for a refund of any monies paid. In the unlikely event that the hair/makeup artist at any time and for any reason is unable to perform her duties, Katie agrees: to immediately give notice to the client, assist in finding a substitute artist, excuse the client of any further performance and/or any payment obligations in this agreement. Any fees already paid will be returned in full.


FORCE MAJEURE: Either party may choose to be excused of any further performance obligations in the event of a disastrous occurrence outside the control of either party, such as but not limited to: A natural disaster (flooding, explosions, hurricane, fires, storms or infestation), War, invasion, act of foreign enemies, embargo or other hostility (whether declared or not) or Any hazardous situation created outside the control of either party such as riot, disorder, nuclear leak or explosion, act or threat of terrorism, pandemic. In the event of an illness/pandemic: If the client or members of the clients party are unwell have risk factors that they could be a carrier of a virus or have visited a high risk country then Katie Morley Makeup would have to cancel the booking until after a period of self isolation has been carried out and proof given to the makeup artist that this has been done. In the situation of force majeure: booking fees/deposits will not be refunded, nor will any fees for services rendered (i.e. trials, etc).


WEDDING INSURANCE: It is the bride’s responsibility to ensure that they have adequate insurance to protect them from loss of monies in the event that a wedding is cancelled by the venue or government/department of health or any other reason. The hair/makeup artist will still need to receive payment of the full balance, according to cancellation policy, to ensure no loss of earnings takes place.

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