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Luxury makeup needs a luxury kit!

I provide a luxury service for my brides. This means everything in my kit is professional or high end! My kit is filled with products that are designed to last through the whole day and look amazing on the face! This means in person and on those all important photographs! You won't see any drugstore products in my kit (unless I think they are incredible) Everything in my kit has been tried and tested by myself! My own dressing table is absolutely filled with products that never made the cut! Here's a few of my favourite things!

1. My kit Co brushes

My brushes are my babies. These brushes are top level!! They are designed and created by professional working makeup artist, James Malloy. This means that they have been made with professionals in mind. My brushes are my tools and without good tools you can't create perfect makeup. 2. Viseart Blush pallete I adore this blush. Viseart is a professional brand again made with professional makeup artists in mind. It blends beautifully, looks sheer and stunning on the skin! It has colours for all tones so I am always prepared. 3. Mac 24 hour eye primer This primer is brilliant! This and urban decay primer potion are staples in my kit. Eyeshadow blends beautifully on top of this primer and the longevity is amazing! 4. Maybeline gel liner Now I said above you won't see drugstore brands in my kit unless they are incredible! This is one of those products!! It's staying power is fantastic and it goes onto the eye beautifully. It's easy to smudge out or keep bold and sharp depending on the look you are going for! 5. Face atelier foundation This is another staple in my kit! It real creates a skin like finish on the skin! It's perfect for normal /dry skin and more mature skin too! I works beautifully on mother of the brides! It lasts all day and night and is one of the best foundations I've tried! What are you favourite products? Comment below, I'm always testing new things so I'd love to hear your favourites!!

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