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The Ordinary Skincare

Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Those of you that follow my facebook and instagram will have seen me raving about The Ordinary. So i thought it only right that i do a blog post and let you know my thoughts and show you some of my results with using their products.

At the beginning of the year i was really suffering with my skin. I had, for me who had always had good skin, terrible acne all around my mouth. It was getting me down and nothing seemed to help or work to make it better. I had angry spots and scarring where i had had spots and they had gone. I had read about the ordinary but hadn't really looked into it as the products where cheap and, being a self confessed product snob, the price put me off as i thought this must make them rubbish.

I saw more and more great reviews and i looked into the company a bit more and found that actually the products and the company sounded great and stood for everything i believe in. The ordinary manage to keep their prices down by keeping packaging simple, using no advertising and purely focus on functional skincare. Their products are all developed and produced in house by chemists and biochemists by their parent company Deciem. All the products are free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, animal oils, benzalkonium chloride, coal tar dyes, formaldehyde, mercury, oxybenzone and are Vegan and Cruelty free.

So i went ahead and ordered some products to see for myself if the hype was really worth it.

I started off with Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA, Niacinamide 10% + zinc 1%, Magnesium Ascorbyl phospate 10% and Advanced retinoid 2% . At this time I was also using Pixi glow tonic.

After 2 months of using these products i took an after picture......

As you can see there was a massive improvement, my spots were clearing and the scaring was fading. I carried on with these products and the pixi glow until the glow tonic ran out and i replaced it with The Ordinarys version which is infact 2% stronger than pixis.

So its now 7 months into using the ordinary, here are my most recent before and afters.....

I cant believe how much better my skin is! My scaring has almost gone, i do still get a few hormonal spots but they come and go very quickly without leaving a mark. The redness in my cheeks has even faded down.

I'm a complete convert! I love the products and everything that the company stands for. I would recommend that if you are going to try the products that you introduce them slowly, especially any acids. Also Deciem themselves and Victoria Health will provide you with product recommendations if you contact them directly.

Please share your own thoughts on the products and company below and let me know how you get on if you decide to try them!

Katie x

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