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Stacey's sunny bank holiday Wedding

Today was Stacey's big day! I was back at the gorgeous Rothley Court. I think someone forgot to give the memo to the weather man because for once........It is actually a nice, very sunny bank holiday Sunday!

I met Stacey and the rest of her bridal party a few months ago. We did a trial with all the ladies so today was lovely and relaxed as we knew exactly what we were doing. We had such a good morning, everyone was so happy and exited! Everyone went for a slightly different look which was great.

First let me show you Stacey, she made us all say Wow when she walked into the room!

I had to get a picture of her dress to. Doesn't she look incredible.

Next the very lovely bridesmaids.

And Stacey's mum, Who was so exited to be getting all glammed up for her daughters wedding.

Hair by the very talented Hollie Seager at Hair by Hollie

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