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Why do I need a trial?

A lot of Brides ask me whether a makeup trial is necessary, the short answer to this is yes!

A makeup trial is an opportunity for several important things to happen:

1) You discover if you and your makeup artist are compatible. They are going to be a big part of the morning of your wedding so you need to be sure that you like them and are going to get on with them. Being completely comfortable with your makeup artist also means that you will be happy to let them know if something isn't quite how you would like it.

2) You discover what you want. Sometimes, my clients will bring in a photo from Pinterest of makeup they like. But when they see it on, realise that while it looked nice on the picture, it wasn't exactly their personal style. Or I'll have clients that are unsure of exactly what they want, the trial is our time to explore, have a play around and find the perfect look! Trials can take up to 2 hours due to this. Things work so much more smoothly on the big day after the trial as we both know what we are doing.

3) No one face is the same and no one skin type is the same either. For example one persons dry skin will react completely differently to another persons dry skin. I am usually able to design a look at the trial, and then execute it 100X better on the wedding day because I've done it once already. I am able to approach it with a plan, rather than having to create something on the spot. I've worked on hundreds of faces but the trial is the first time I've worked on yours. While I can certainly make you look stunning on the first try, it's still even better to have that first time happen before the wedding, because it will be even better on the big day!

4) I always advise the trial to be done 1-2 months before the wedding. My main reason for this is to make sure that if you have any issues with your skin I can recommend a skincare routine and there is time for you to get it looking it's best. After all, makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath.

5) Trials are exciting, fun and relaxing too!

So these are my main reasons for having a trial. You don't want to be worrying on your big day that your makeup isn't going to be perfect, it's just not worth the stress.

Here's a handful of my brides trials vs the big day!

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