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Why I became a makeup artist

It's been a while since I last wrote a post so I thought I'd do one to let you all know a bit more about me!

During my school years I wasn't one of the girls that got glammed up, I think the only makeup I owned was a quad eyeshadow and a product called skin dew from the body shop plus a mascara. I rarely wore make-up and this continued well into my 20s. I don't think I ever really understood makeup.

I left school after my a levels and I went to an equestrian college to study what I loved. After 2 years of college I became a freelance groom. I loved my job, I loved being able to travel around to different clients and ride lots of different horses. However after around 6 years the cold, the dirt and the dangers where begining to take their toll on me. I realised that this wasn't a career that was going to be something I could do once I got older.

I had no idea what I could do. Horses was all I knew. I knew that I would need to work for myself and with people and do something that made people happy, (I think that is where most of my passion lies today!) So I started looking around at jobs I could do, turns out that at 25 with my qualifications, my options weren't that open! So I joined a company called Arbonne. They had a great makeup range and I loved playing with it, turns out I wasn't bad at applying it either!! I fell in love with applying make-up to other people and seeing how happy it made them feel when they looked in the mirror!

I soon realised that the company wasn't really working for me but, I now knew that I wanted to become a make up Artist! So I applied for college again, a massive step for me, and I was accepted!

I spent a year studying, as well as learning from top makeup artists in books, professional groups on Facebook and you tube too. I practiced, practiced and did more practise every chance I got. I finally felt comfortable and passionate about my career! I knew I wanted to do this forever!

So I write this after my 2nd full year in business. I cannot explain to you how much I love my job. I'm so thankful for every step that got me here! I explored a few avenues when I first started makeup and knew after the first wedding I did that bridal was going to be what I did. The joy of the day, the relationship you build with the bride, the excitement they show when they look in the mirror once everything has come together are things that absolutely make my day.

I know I say it all the time but it truly is an honour when people choose me as their make-up artist for their big day!

So as you can see, I maybe didn't get here in the most conventional way. But I'm so glad I got here. If you want something go out and get it!

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